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Luke Winter & Glen Leslie 

- 12/8/23 @ 6pm

Luke Winter a writer, facilitator and storyteller. He is motivated by stories from everyday experience and loves helping people to share, mourn and celebrate the fantastic weirdness in what we get up to, day in, day out. Luke has worked as a street busker of spontaneous short stories, writing for strangers on a typewriter and has self-published a number of volumes of short stories, also his debut novel "Expectations Are The Thieves Of Joy."

Glen Leslie is a magical mystical mischief merchant and fine fine wordsmith poet & painter. lives outside Edinburgh.

Luke and Glen will be reading various poems and short stories!

Hillfire Press 

- 13/8/23 @ 6pm

Join us for an evening of readings from Hillfire Anthology, Volume 2 with authors Emerson Rose Craig, Nicole Christine Caratas, Alex Penland and Wendelin Law.

Hillfire Press is a community of writers and artists who publish an annual anthology of new short stories and poems (and some writings in between). The short writings found within the anthology are crafted, in a collaborative effort of the authors and the team. This second volume continues and builds upon the work of the first, bringing the reader all kinds of magic, such as questions about the hay in Haymarket.

The Hillfire journey began in Edinburgh, where the initial contributors met during our various creative writing degrees. Since then, writers from further afield have joined us, and our community continues to grow. At Hillfire Press, we aim to keep the joy in writing alive, providing contributors and collaborators with opportunities to craft and share original works through multiple stages of peer workshops and edits.

Hillfire’s name was inspired by Arthur’s Seat, the iconic hill in Edinburgh’s Holyrood Park, which is covered in gorse bushes. In spring, the plants’ tiny, yellow flowers light up the hillside so brightly that its golden fire can be seen from miles away. This yearly flourish of colour is what Hillfire Press aims to achieve: a collection of individual works that burn even brighter in combination.

Christine De Luca 

- 14/8/23 @6pm

Christine De Luca writes in English and Shaetlan (Shetlandic), her mother tongue. She was appointed Edinburgh Makar (laureate) for 2014-2017. In 2021 Mariscat Press published Veeve. Over the years she has had eight poetry collections published, several of which have won awards. She has also written two novels, the most recent being The Trials of Mary Johnsdaughter (Luath Press, 2022).

She is also active in translation, with six bi-lingual poetry collections published as well as classic storybooks for children. She particularly enjoys collaborating with traditional, jazz and classical musicians (Catriona Macdonald, Tommy Smith, Gemma McGregor) and visual artists (Victoria Crowe, Brigid Collins).

Gutter Magazine - Bethany Wren, Alexandra Ye, Flora Leask Arizpe

- 15/8/23 @ 6pm

Bethany Wren: Bethany Wren is based in Edinburgh. She enjoys drinking coffee and writing stories about everything from sadness and water, to Instagram and ghosts.

Alexandra Ye: Alexandra Ye lives in Edinburgh. Her stories can be found in Extra Teeth and The Offing.

Flora Leask Arizpe: Flora Leask Arizpe is a young writer from Scotland, inspired by her dual Mexican and Scottish heritage.

Gutter is an award-winning, high quality, printed journal for fiction and poetry from writers living in Scotland and indeed from writers around the world. The editors believe there is a need for an energetic, ambitious magazine dedicated to the best in new Scottish writing, published in an international context. 

SPAM Press 

- 16/8/23 @6pm

We are thrilled to present three poets of a certain post-internet flavour at the Edinburgh Book Fringe: ALT Edition, hosted by the fabulous Typewronger Books. 

About our readers:

Parel Joy is a poet, printmaker and literary translator based between Scotland and The Netherlands. Her debut pamphlet The Queen of Cups and Other Poems was published by SPAM in 2022. She also edited the Dyke Love and Dyke Magic anthologies and most recently translated Porsha Olayiwola's poetry into Dutch for the Poetry International festival in Rotterdam.

Allie Kerper is an Edinburgh-based poet from the US. Her debut collection Pale Hairs Reach Between Us was published in 2021 with Blue Diode Press. Outside of poetry, she works in higher education and dabbles in songwriting.

Ian Macartney writes. His short story collection "The Infinite Fury and other stories" is forthcoming from Strange Region and his pamphlet "Notes Towards No Subject" was published by Fathomsun Press. In 2022 his pamphlet "! / Object" was published by SPAM Press. His is currently standing in Typewronger – previous locations include the street, a park, his flat, the workplace bathroom, and more.

SPAM Press (est. 2016)

It is time for poetry to enter the post-internet age, and SPAM Press wishes to take upon its shoulder the weight of this herculean enterprise. Operating as a pamphlet press, zine, online magazine, literary journal, DIY organiser and podcast, SPAM watches highbrow theory and pop culture make love in and against the oscillating stratospheres of late capitalism, while exploring literary weirdness, trash aesthetics and experimental critiques of our thoroughly mediated condition. 

Find us @spamzine or

Rob A. Mackenzie, Annie Brechin, Tessa Berring & Lady Red Ego

- 18/8/23 @6pm

Rob A. Mackenzie is from Glasgow and lives in Leith. His fourth collection Woof! Woof! Woof! was published by Salt in July 2023. His poems, articles, reviews and translations have appeared in many literary magazines. He runs Blue Diode Press.

Annie Brechin received a Jerwood/Arvon Young Poets Apprenticeship in 2003 at the age of 19. After stints living, writing and performing in Prague, Paris and Dubai, she has settled down in Edinburgh. The Mouth of Eulalie, her first full-length collection, was published by Blue Diode Press in 2022.

Tessa Berring's first collection Bitten Hair, published by Blue Diode Press in 2019, was highly commended in the Forward Poetry Awards. Her second is Folded Purse (Blue Diode Press, 2022). A pamphlet, Putty, was published by If A Leaf Falls Press in 2022.

Lady Red Ego is a Chinese and Scottish lesbian writer concerned with intimacies. Her first pamphlet, The Red Ego, was published in 2019 with Wild Pressed Books and her second, Natural Sugars, in 2020 by Broken Sleep Books. Your Turn to Speak! (Blue Diode Press, 2023) is her debut full collection .

Sylvie Simonds

- 19/8/23 @6pm

Sylvie Simonds is an adult psychotherapists working in specialised perinatal and parent infant relationships both within NHS and private work. She will be reading her work from Blood & Cord: Writers on Early Parenthood which is an anthology published by The Emma Press, and she'll be discussing her experiences working with them. 

GennaRose Nethercott - Thistlefoot  - 20/8/23 @ 6pm

GennaRose Nethercott presents the Thistlefoot Traveling Puppet Show--bringing her breakout fantasy novel to life with hand-cranked shadows and enchanted puppetry. Q&A and book signing to follow. Recommended for ages 12+

GENNAROSE NETHERCOTT is a writer and folklorist. Her first book, The Lumberjack’s Dove, was selected by Louise Glück as a winner of the National Poetry Series, and whether authoring novels, poems, ballads, or even fold-up paper cootie catchers, her projects are all rooted in myth—and what our stories reveal about who we are. She tours nationally and internationally performing strange tales (sometimes with puppets in tow) and composing poems-to-order for strangers on an antique typewriter with her team, the Traveling Poetry Emporium. She lives in the woodlands of Vermont, beside an old cemetery. Thistlefoot is her debut novel.

Jane McKie, Lauren Pope, Allie Kerper & Anne-Laure Coxam - 21/8/23 @ 6pm

Jane McKie’s first collection, Morocco Rococo (Cinnamon Press), was awarded the 2008 Sundial/Scottish Arts Council prize for best first book of 2007. A pamphlet, Jawbreaker (2021), won the Wigtown Poetry Festival’s Alastair Reid Pamphlet Prize. She works as a Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing at the University of Edinburgh. Her most recent collection is Carnation Lily Lily Rose (Blue Diode Press, 2023)

Lauren Pope was raised in Los Angeles and lives in Edinburgh. Her poetry pamphlet, Announce This (Templar Poetry), was shortlisted for the Callum Macdonald Memorial Awards. She is a Manchester Poetry Prize finalist and won the Brotherton Poetry Prize. Her debut collection, Always Erase, was published by Blue Diode Press in 2022.

Allie Kerper is an Edinburgh-based poet originally from the USA. She has earned too many Creative Writing degrees, most recently from the University of Glasgow. She works as an editor of university course materials designed for distance learning. Pale Hairs Reach Between Us (Blue Diode Press, 2022) is Allie’s first poetry collection.

Anne-Laure Coxam is based in Edinburgh. She is a native French speaker and writes in English. Her pamphlet Toolbox Therapy was published by Sad Press in 2016. the male and

the female poet go to the surgery in exciting times (Blue Diode Press, 2022) is her first full collection.

Interpret Magazine

- 22/8/23 @6pm

Interpret is Scotland's new magazine of international literature: open to anyone, anywhere, in any language.

Join us for an evening of the leading young poets in Edinburgh, including winners of the Edwin Morgan Poetry Award and New Writers' Award, performing their work in multiple languages with English translation. 

The Sacred Clan - Translator Esther Tyldesley

- 24/8/23 @6pm

What good is a town without people?

Wu Township is hollowing out. Our most capable sons and daughters have long since uprooted from their birthplace on the central plains to fuel China’s economic miracle. The ancient trees now sit in the shade of a modern aqueduct, funnelling even our precious water to the metropolises beyond.

From the marketplace where gossip is traded to the long-abandoned execution grounds, ordinary life carries on. For we who remain, feuds between neighbours compound the burdens shared by increasingly ageing shoulders. But If you know where to look, you’ll find the town still clings to its customs and dreams.

Let me show you around. If we’re lucky, we’ll run into the benevolent doctor or beauty store owner, and if we’re not, the corrupt local official, perhaps even the souls of executed ancestors. Why do you want to visit? To see it before it’s all gone… of course.

About the Translator

Esther Tyldesley is a translator and a teacher of translation and Chinese. She graduated from Robinson College, Cambridge with a degree in Chinese, after which she spent four years teaching English to trainee teachers in rural Guizhou Province. During those four years, the things she had learned about China at university started to make more and more sense, and when she got back to the UK she was able to translate her first book: Xinran’s The Good Women of China, released in 2001. She gained a Master’s degree in Applied Translation Studies at the University of Leeds in 2002.

Esther now works teaching Chinese Language and Translation at the University of Edinburgh. In her spare time, she reads far too many books and dreams of China. Her published translations include Sky Burial and China Witness, also by Xinran, Confucius from the Heart by Yu Dan and Little Aunt Crane by Yan Geling. 

Amy Arnold - Lori & Joe 

- 25/8/23 @ 6pm

Amy Arnold will be reading form her new novel "Lori & Joe" published by Prototype, and chatting with Elizabeth Reeder, author of "microbursts."

Lori & Joe live in a quiet valley where one day is much like another. One morning Lori finds Joe dead. She could call an ambulance but what difference would it make? Instead she goes for a walk.

As she makes her way through the fog her thoughts slip between past & present, revealing a marriage marked by isolation, childlessness & a terrible secret.

Amy Arnold lives in Cumbria. She has degrees in Music and Psychology, and studied postgraduate Neuropsychology at Birmingham University. She’s worked as a university lecturer, teacher and swede packer. Her debut novel, Slip of a Fish, won the 2018 Northern Book Prize and was shortlisted for the 2019 Goldsmiths Prize. Lori & Joe is her second novel. 

Elizabeth Reeder, originally from Chicago, now lives in Scotland. She writes fiction, narrative non-fiction and hybrid work that creates spaces between forms, subjects and disciplines. Her work explores identity, family, illness and grief, creativity and landscapes. Her latest novel, An Archive of Happiness, was published by Penned in the Margins in September 2020 and was long-listed for the Highland Book Prize. microbursts, a collaborative work between herself and the artist Amanda Thomson, was published by Prototype in 2021. She is a MacDowell Fellow and a senior lecturer in Creative Writing at University of Glasgow. Her website is:

Andrew McGregor

- 26/8/23 @ 6pm

In the wake of September 11th, a man who grew up with his mother in Eastern European brothels comes to New York City searching for an adventure, identity, and home. The US of A has other plans for him, though; it will give him what he wants for a price. A series of imposed quests drives our beleaguered hero through America's dark heart from New York to Boston to a Walmart on the outskirts of Atlanta where he finds and spreads damnation and salvation while working the night shift.

Author Bio

Andrew McGregor holds a liberal arts degree in philosophy and a University of Southern California master's in screenwriting. He is a global traveler who likes typewriter poetry busking and competing in events such as strongman and Highland games. He is a chessboxing champion who now referees record-setting tournaments. An accomplished accordion, duduk, and bagpipes player, he has performed on a Grammy-nominated album and in venues stretching from California to Japan. Andrew calls the USA home, often in Los Angeles, though he prefers to write at his place in Colorado.

Claudia Piñeiro 

- 27/8/23 @6pm

As an author and scriptwriter for television, Claudia Piñeiro has won numerous national and international prizes, among them the renowned German LiBeraturpreis for Elena Knows and the prestigious Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz Prize for Las grietas de Jara (A crack in the wall). She is best known for her crime novels which are bestsellers in Argentina, Latin American and round the world. Many of her novels have been adapted for the big screen. According to the prestigious newspaper La Nación, Claudia Piñeiro is the third most translated Argentinean author, after Borges and Cortázar. More recently, Piñeiro has become a very active figure in the fight for the legalisation of abortion in Argentina and for the legal recognition of writers as workers. Her fiction (as shown with Elena Knows) is stemmed in the detective novel but has recently turned increasingly political and ideologically committed. 

A Conversation Between Eco-Poets - Melissa Davies & Caleb Nichols

- 28/8/23 @ 6pm

Based in the north of England, Melissa is a poet writing about both the Norwegian and Lakeland landscapes, asking who gets to speak for them and why? As well as her own creative practice, Melissa works with local communities to create collage poems which have been displayed in National Trust woodland, high street restaurants and shopping centres.

Previous poems published by Alliterati Magazine, Maybe Later Press & Oh Comely Magazine.

Melissa’s poems for Time and Time, Solstice Shorts Festival 2019, were performed at

Greenwich, Maryport, Clydebank and Lisbon and published in the Time and Tide anthology.

Melissa will be reading from The Arctic Diaries published by Arachne Press!

 The Arctic Diaries chart generations of the characters, myths and misremembered details that make up the oral traditions of a windswept archipelago in Norway’s far north. Created over a single arctic winter, using stories gathered from the last surviving fisherman of Langholmen, this collection of poems are part history, part field notes, exploring what role the outsider plays in preserving the experience of another.

Caleb Nichols is a queer poet and musician from California. His poems and prose have been published widely in places like 14 Poems, Poetry Wales, New England Review, 45th Parallel, Talkhouse, and Truthout. His Bottlecap Press chapbook “Chan “Says & Other Songs” was called “marvelously queer” by Eduardo Corral, and they have poetry pamphlets forthcoming from Gasher & Broken Sleep. A best of the net nominee, and a recipient of an Academy of American Poets University prize, Caleb is a PhD candidate in Creative Writing at Bangor University in North Wales.