Publications and Merch

Typewronger Books is also a micro-publisher! We've released a variety of books, pamphlets and zines over the past few years, and should you be thinking about working on similar projects in the future please don't hesitate to reach out for free advice! To order any of these publications, or any of our merch like tote bags, notebooks, postcards etc email or swing by the shop!


Our WriteWronger notebooks are spiral bound and hinged at the top journalist style! They have good strong lined paper that's thick enough for you to write on both sides! Write your Wrongs today!


Moist January by Rik Hartley-Zels

To hell with Dry January - this strongly worded cocktail book gives you a different cocktail recipe to try out each day for a month! I did Moist January last year and amassed an impressive collection of booze. I didn't achieve much else though...


10 Ways To Comit Murder With A Royal 10 Typewriter by T.S.J.Hodges

A single sheet A3 riso-printed bit of deviousness - 10 illustrated examples of how to commit murder with a typewriter!


Chivalrotten by Angélique Mosely

A poetry booklet filled with mythology and whisky - powerful stuff! Angélique is a Canadian living in the antipodes - but this hasn't stopped her performing in our online open mic nights, check out one of her performances here!


Nebula by Amy Matthews

Local Comedian Amy put together this surreal zine over lockdown about an alternative world accessed through a womhole under her sink where lives, amongst a whole host of peculiar characters, a hermit crab in a Sports Direct mug. We're a bit worried about Amy actually...


Typewronger Pleckies!

Where the hell did I put my plectrum? We have a LOT of musicians who hang out at the shop, and so for a we giggle we had these Typewronger Red pleckies made with the shop stamp in gold (luxury!) We sell them two at a time for


Postcards by Pam Thorburn Art

Apparently I was on shift when Pam turned up and sat in one of our armchairs for a while doing this sketch of the shop display table just for fun. First thing I knew of it was seeing it on insta! We reached out to Pam about reproducing it as this charming postcard, which has a real energy and vibrancy that we like to think captures the spirit of the shop!


Typewronger Badge

"I was at this random event across town the other night and there was this guy there with a Typewronger Badge on his lapel. He clocked I had my Typewronger Tote. When you know you know."


The Misadventures of John Nicholson by Robert Louis Stevenson with Illustrations by Joanna Robson

A murder, a mugging on Calton Hill, an illegal drinking establishment... at Christmas! This lost Stevenson farce was published for the first time as an individual volume right back at the start of the shop in 2018. We comissioned 5 gorgeous illustrations from the supremely talented Joanna Robson, who also designed out bookmark!


Typewronger Deluxe Tote

Our Deluxe Tote Bags are extra large to fit all your wine books! Printed both sides in red and black using eco friendly inks on organic cotton, one side has our name and stamp and the other our favourite quotation from Hilaire Belloc:

And is it true? It is not true!

And if it was it wouldn't do

For people such as me and you,

Who very nearly all day long

Are doing something rather wrong.


Leith Walk Police Box / Typewronger Tote

Typewronger first started trading on 5/11/17 from the Leith Walk Police Box. We go back every Bonfire Night to celebrate one of the shop's two official birthdays, and a couple of years ago we had these totes made with the police box on one side and the shop stamp blown up big on the other! The LWPB is a pop-up venue where you can try out a new business idea, and if it wasn't for them I'm sure we'd never have got the momentum going to run the shop full time!