Want To Do An Event With Us? 

Typewronger Books has run a free events program since opening in Haddington place in 2018. We never charge for our events or ticket them, they're a part of what the shop does for its community of readers, writers, artists and musicians. We provide the space and refreshments for free, and we do not pay our speakers - our events are done for the love of it.

Though certain events such as Type-CAST! (our play reading group) and the McNaughtans Non Fiction Reading Group occur on other days, the vast majority of our events are programmed for Monday evenings at 7pm, with our Open Mic normally taking place on the last Monday of the month. We are trying to stick to this format so that our regulars know, even if they aren't sure what's on, that there's usually an event here on a Monday evening!

The space is small, but often we can have upwards of forty people attend our events, especially when the weather is fine and they can sit on the stairs outside listening via our antiquated PA system. The shop PA is a 1980s Selmer PA100 - it has no monitor or indeed any fancy modern tech, but it works well enough for spoken word. Though the shop is, as mentioned previously, small, sound does get sucked up by the audience and we usually run a fan for ventilation during our events so using the mic is important even if we don't have a speaker outside. Attendance can vary and we do best when the publisher or writer or artist or musician performing promotes the event well in advance, though we will of course shout out upcoming events on our social media platforms.

As with the books we stock Typewronger events can be of a wide and varied nature, however (as should be obvious) we cannot cater to people expressing racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic or otherwise bigoted sentiments. 

If you've read all of the above and reckon this sounds good to you and you want to reach out about setting up an event, please email me on tee@typewronger.com I'll want you to send me an image and a blurb that can be copied and pasted to our events listings on FB, remember that until a FB event has been created no event is set in stone!