Typewronger Writer's Residency

UPDATE: Our First Typewronger Writer In Residence is Iona Lee!

Check out Iona's work here: www.ionalee.com/ 

Typewronger Books is proud to launch our new residency program!

The Typewronger Writer's Residency is an opportunity for up-and-coming Edinburgh-based writers to use our studio space for two days a week to work on their creative projects. Though writing can be done everywhere and at any time it's often difficult to be disciplined about one's writing practice and very easy to get distracted when writing at home or in cafés/libraries. Successful applicants will be issued with a key to the Typewronger Studio at St Margaret's House and allotted two days out of the week in which they can access the space for a three month period. The studio has a desk (oooo!) chairs (oooo!) typewriters (oooo!) and heating (OOOOOOOOOO!) There is also internet and the option of pinching free coffee from the third floor (the process for which will be fully explained in an induction session.) The next residency will be for January-March 2024.

Writers can work on whatever projects they so wish, however we would also ask them to propose a collaboration with our risograph studio where we would publish a zine or booklet of their work. This would be done with our standard publishing contract whereby the author would receive a 10% royalty on sales.

Applications can be made by emailing print@typewronger.com - all applications must use the subject line "TYPEWRONGER RESIDENCY 1". In your email you must explain why you feel a Typewronger Residency would be beneficial to you and tell us a little about what you would hope to acheive over the three month period, and what sort of zine/booklet you'd like to collaborate on. Your cover letter must not exceed 500 words. Please also attach a piece of your work. This piece must not exceed one thousand words. Cover letters and work samples will be word-counted before being written - one word over and your application is in the bin. At Typewronger we believe brevity is the soul of wit.

The deadline for the first residency is 30/11/23