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TypeCast! - All Of Us by Francesca Martinez - Friday 19/4/24 @6:30pm

We are delighted to announce the next TypeCast!, our play reading group at Typewronger.

All you need is a copy of the play, which you may source yourself or purchase from the shop. We mainly read plays written by living authors to help support their continuing work.

Please email ahead of time to secure a spot and order a copy of the play if you are interested in attending, as these events tend to be popular, and we sometimes run out of playscripts.

Take a seat on the welcoming stage of this little bookshop as we read aloud All of Us by Francesca Martinez. We'll randomly assign parts on the night, and then get reading!

'I'm not broken. I'm a unique spark of life. We all are.'Jess has a great life: a job she loves, a sharp sense of humour and a close group of friends.

When austerity threatens the world she has worked hard to build, Jess makes a stand to protect those she holds most dear. Capturing the humour, sadness and joy of everyday life, Francesca Martinez's play All of Us is a passionate and timely look at the human cost of abandoning those who struggle to fit in. 

Walter Benjamin Stares at the Sea: Stories by C.D. Rose / Photo, Phyto, Proto, Nitro by Melissa McCarthy - Monday 22/4/24 @7pm

Welcome to the fictional universe of C. D. Rose, whose stories seem to be set in some unidentifiable but vaguely Mitteleuropean nation, and likewise have an uncanny sense of timelessness—the time could be some cobblestoned Victorian past era, or the present, or even the future.

In these 15 dreamlike tales, you’ll meet a forgotten composer who enters a nostalgic dream-world while marking time in a decaying Romanian seaport; two Russian brothers, one blind and one deaf, building an intricate model town during an interminable train ride across the steppe; a journalist whose interview with an artist turns into a dizzying roundelay of memory and image.

Ghosts of the past mingle with the quiddities of modernity in a bewitching stew where lost masterpieces surface with translations in an invisible language; where image and photograph become mystically entwined, and where the very nature of reality takes on a shimmering sense of possibility and illusion.

“Every madness is logical to its owner,” one of Rose’s characters says. And it is that line — between logic and madness — that Walter Benjamin Stares at the Sea walks with such assuredness and imagination.

Photo, Phyto, Proto, Nitro by Melissa McCarthy

Photo: to do with light. Phyto: plants and flowers. Proto: the first, the original. Nitro: it blows up.

From Troy to Hiroshima, Crimea to the nuclear Nevada desert, we make our tracks over the war-scratched globe, and when we reach a ruin or a destination we read the markings, record them using various forms of photography. Later—or much, much later—someone else in turn will try to understand our silvery traces. These are the threads that Melissa McCarthy follows, unpicks, weaves again into a nexus of light and time: the mirrored silver cells of a shark’s eyeball, sunlight glinting off the foam and sea wrack of the Aegean on flower with corpses, the silver salts of photographic paper, silver grave-treasures at Ur.

Like an archaeologist in her own strange literary landscape, McCarthy cuts through layers of history and technology to realign the dead and their images. She examines both what can be photographed and what remains always just beyond the frame, and photography itself. It’s a practice involving chemicals and the action of light. But it’s also an organising principle for literature and beyond: there are marks made—by us, on us—that we can’t yet fully see or understand, though they push on through to the surface, always re-blooming.

OPEN MIC REBOOT XII - Sunday 28/4/24 @7pm

Edinburgh's anarchic open mic night where there's no limit on what can be performed, only how much time performers get! We run for 90 minutes, and divide that time by the number of performers who sign up to get our set times. There's a bell 30 seconds before the end of each set, and a gong at the end which performers CANNOT go past! Sign up is 7-7.30 - comedy, music, poetry, short stories, film scripts, magic acts - we've had all sorts over the years, so just rock on down ! 

After Nora by Penelope Curtis - Monday 29/4/24 @7pm

'In her ambitious and moving debut novel, After Nora, distinguished art historian and curator Penelope Curtis depicts two women, one artist, one scientist, whose lives stand in oblique relation to her own.

After Nora brings a new voice to fiction writing, one that is at home with storytelling. This is also the first time an author published by Les Fugitives will speak at Typewronger, come and give Penelope Curtis, who grew up in Glasgow, a warm welcome! There will be a reading of an excerpt, followed by a short Q&A' 

Mícheál McCann, Thomas Stewart & Caleb Nichols - Monday 17/6/24 @7pm

Mícheál McCann is from Derry City. His poems have appeared in Banshee, The Stinging Fly, The Poetry Review and Poetry Ireland Review, anthologised in Queering the Green (Lifeboat Press, 2021) and Romance Options (Dedalus Press, 2023) and have been broadcast on RTÉ and BBC. He is the co-editor of Hold Open the Door (UCD Press, 2020) and has published three poetry pamphlets, most recently Keeper (Fourteen Publishing, 2022). Devotion, his first collection of poems, is forthcoming from The Gallery Press in May 2024.

Thomas Stewart is a Welsh writer and English teacher based in Edinburgh. He is a New Writers Awardee and the author of two poetry pamphlets: Based on a True Story (fourteen poems, 2022) and empire of dirt (Red Squirrel Press, 2019). His debut book of poems, Real Boys, will be published by Polygon in August. His work has been published in Poetry Wales, Butcher’s Dog, The Amsterdam Quarterly, And Other Poems, among others.

Caleb Nichols is a queer poet and musician from a working class family in California. His poetry and prose has been published or is forthcoming in places like the New England Review, 14 Poems, Poetry Wales, Redivider, 45th Parallel, Talkhouse, and Truthout. His Kelp Book chapbook “Teems/Recedes” was called “a gorgeous abundance” by Chen Chen and his Bottlecap Press chapbook “Chan “Says & Other Songs” was called “marvelously queer” by Eduardo Corral. Caleb’s critically acclaimed rock opera “Ramon” was released on iconic indie label Kill Rock Stars in 2022. A best of the net nominee, and a recipient of an Academy of American Poets University prize, Caleb is a PhD candidate in Creative Writing at Bangor University in North Wales.