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TypeCast! -- A Laughing Matter by April De Angelis - 1/9/23 @ 6.30pm

We are delighted to announce the next TypeCast!, our play reading group at Typewronger.

All you need is a copy of the play, which you may source yourself or purchase from the shop. We aim to do plays written by living authors to help support their continuing work.

Our events are not ticketed, but please email if you'd like to join in, so we can make sure there are enough copies available for purchase in the shop.

Take a seat on the welcoming stage of this little bookshop as we read aloud A Laughing Matter by April De Angelis. We'll randomly assign parts on the night, and then get reading!

It's 1773 at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. The crowd is getting restless. The leading man's unconscious but the show must go on.

This irreverent version of real-life events tells the story of David Garrick, Dr Johnson, Oliver Goldsmith and a new play called She Stoops to Conquer. Caught between financial pressures and artistic ambition, Garrick must decide if he can risk staging a play that could make or break his career.

Stewart Home and Speculum Bunny - 10/9/23 @ 7pm


The cult pulp novel Pure Mania is back in its original form.

Pure Mania is set in an almost fictional anarcho-punk milieu around the squats and council estates of East London. This trashy adventure story takes the form of a blatantly falsified tour of eighties youth trends. It's a pastiche of the fiction published by New English Library during the 1970's.

Situationist fun and anarcho-punk adventure à la Jamie Reid meets Cockney Red street violence, Pure Mania by Stewart Home was first published by Polygon Books in 1989.


Speculum Bunny blends words and sound to provoke, enthral and mystify her audience. Inspired by the depraved nature of love in all of its majestic forms, her childhood, masochism and devotion to challenging mainstream narratives on motherhood and women’s expression she blends noise, synths, voices and field recordings.

Dante Elsner Launch - Maia Elsner  - 11/9/23 @7pm

Dante Elsner (1920-97) was a Jewish Polish-born artist and ceramicist who was still a young man when his homeland was occupied by the Nazis. Dante saw his whole family - mother, father, siblings - taken away and killed in concentration camps. Through extraordinary chance and resilience Dante survived, escaping arrest and internment and eventually moving to Paris and then to London to start his life as an artist. The trauma of the holocaust had a profound impact on Dante’s life and work, including a deep distrust of those in power.

In this extraordinary account, Dante’s granddaughter, the poet Maia Elsner, pieces together the artist’s life from interviews with him, his widow and family, as well as uncovering thousands of stunning raku pots and an incredible archive of paintings, drawings and sketches.

Dante’s distrust of the art world has led to his work going largely unnoticed. That is changing now. Dante Elsner is a beautiful and timely appraisal of this exceptional artist featuring hundreds of full colour images of the artwork and ceramics.

Maia Elsner is a Mexican-Polish-Jewish-British writer, whose debut collection Overrun by Wild Boars (flipped eye, 2021) won a Somerset Maugham Award and was listed as one of the top ten books of 2021 by The Telegraph. Her multi-media collaborations include a poetry-film, 'What Else But Incantate From Wreckage' which was premiered at the Tate Modern in 2021, and a poetry-music composition for piano and baritone, 'Attempts at Endings', premiered in Kerrytown Concert Hall in 2023. She is currently a Zell Fellow at the Helen Zell Writer's Program at the University of Michigan, where her writing has won the Hopwood Award in non-fiction.

Open Mic Reboot X  - 25/9/23 @ 7pm

Edinburgh's anarchic open mic night where there's no limit on what can be performed, only how much time performers get! We run for 90 minutes, and divide that time by the number of performers who sign up to get our set times. There's a bell 30 seconds before the end of each set, and a gong at the end which performers CANNOT go past! Sign up is 7-7.30 - comedy, music, poetry, short stories, film scripts, magic acts - we've had all sorts over the years, so just rock on down !