ALL WORK ON TYPEWRITERS IS SUSPENDED WHILST WE MOVE THE TYPEWRITER REPAIR SIDE OF THE BUSINESS INTO A NEW STUDIO SPACE. Please don't bring machines to the shop, when we do reboot it will continue on an appointment only basis and will be at another address.

Typewriter Repair

Yes, we do indeed repair mechanical typewriters. The shop is very busy selling books for most of the time, and we have a backlog of machines to work our way through. As a result we are only offering repair-whilst-you-wait services to new customers on an appointment only basis. To book your appointment, please email We are currently unable to accept machines for drop-off, so please don't lug it out here on the off-chance as you'll have to shlep it back home with you too!


We do not repair or service electric or electronic typewriters as we can't afford the proper PAT testing equipment (it costs about a grand!) We're happy to give free advice on these machines.


We buy mechanical typewriters. Prices are based on age, condition, rarity and desirability. Bear in mind that the exact same model of machine might be worth from £5 to £500 based on these principles, ebay only shows what some people are asking for some machines and photographs can be deceptive! If you would like to sell us a typewriter, please email to book an appointment. As is the case with typewriter repair we will not accept drop-offs, you must have an appointment! We cannot give valuations over the phone or email as it's essential to check the machine over in person.


When the planets align ever so nicely we occasionally have a machine available to sell. Do just pop by the shop to take a look. We do not ship typewriters or give our details online as we have a regularly changing stock depending on what's available.


If you need to use a typewriter we have a 1914 Royal 10 on our main display desk that is for public use! We can provide you with paper or you can bring in your own. This machine is free to use. We have loaned typewriters to various events and film sets. Prices are arranged based on the intended use and nature of the borrower (for instance charitable groups can borrow machines for free) but we will always require a deposit. As always, you need to email